14 Tips To Use Epilator Without Pain – Epilating Guide

Infact, epilation is one the most popular way of hair removal but, buying an expensive hyped brand or finest of epilator does not guarantee a painless and smooth epilation. Apart from choosing the best epilator, it is important to follow some tips and techniques to use epilator appropriately and epilate your body smoothly, without pain and, by avoiding unnecessary rashes.
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How To Use Epilator Without Pain

Pick the right epilator

Its awesome if you can get your hands on multi purpose epilator; equipped with various features and comes with lots of attachments to make it easy to use. Like Panasonic ES-ED90-P; it can be used as shaver, and with multiple attachments like shaver head, massage cap, skin contact cap, brush, comb for bikini hair, etc. makes it easy to use on all body parts including; face, legs, arms, armpits, underams, brazilian, etc. Moreover, its wet & dry feature let you use it in shower when pore gets open and hair easily get pulled from roots without pain.

Use of cream

What is often observed that people assume; by applying cream or lotion will make epilation process less painful, smoother and easier. Sadly, the reality is not so!

Coating your skin with cream or lotion before using an epilator can worsen the process. Because, creamy layer works as a barrier between the skin and the device and so, as a result, it either becomes difficult for tweezers to grab hair or the hair get snapped out instead of being plucked out right from the roots. And that is painful, and may turn your skin into reddish, uneven, and rough. Plus, the process becomes prolong too.

However, the right time to apply any cream or lotion on your skin is after using the epilator. In case, you have sensitive skin or wanted to avoid pain of any kind, then you may check Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream. It is a popular pain killer, and commonly available on stores without prescription as well.

Do not epilate long hair

You should not epilate LONG hair. Since, plucking a long hair strand is more painful as compared to the shorter one. Hence, it is better advised to first, trim or shave your hair and then use the epilator when small growth is seen. It will help you plucking them right from the roots and the process will become less painful as well.

Take a bath or shower

Moreover, another tip to epilate your hair appropriately is to take a bath right before doing it. This will help your skin get rid of unnecessary oil over it and as a result, you will have a completely dry and clean skin to epilate on. In case, if you decide to epilate on a skin that is full of oil, you will end up only snapping the hair fossils instead of plucking-out directly from roots.

Rub your skin

Rub your skin by bare hands or towel for a while before using an epilator will help by rising the hair and make it easier for an epilator to pluck them out.

Use of talcum powder

Moreover, for whatever reason you face difficulties gliding the epilator smoothly over skin then, try applying some talcum powder prior to the process. It will make the surface smoother and it will become easy to glide epilator on your skin in all directions for best results.

Use hand to stretch your skin

In an order to grab more hair and avoid unnecessary folds on your skin from being squeezed under the epilator tweezers, try stretching your skin with your free hand. This tips works really well when is epilating underarms and bikini line.

Avoid force or pressure

Try not to apply pressure while epilating as it may scratch skin and can result in a painful or reddish skin. The best trick is to stretch the area with one hand and roll the device with the second hand.

Do not hurry

As we all know, rushing is always a wrong choice! especially when it comes to your skin that is the most delicate body organ, you dare not hassle the process. Take your time and give it due attention to get smooth, soft, and completely hair-less skin in the end. The procedure is that you put one hand on your skin and let the epilator glide over smoothly.

Epilate early

Sometime what is observed that some women face allergy or rashes might be because of improper use of an epilator. Hence, as a precaution, it is wisely advised to use it at least 24 hours earlier to when you are going to show it off. Because, in case, if any rash shows up, it will go away in 24 hours easily.

Exfoliate your skin

Always try to exfoliate the intended area after using an epilator so that you may get rid of ingrown hair growth right away. For this, you may use any scrub or moisturizer. However, we advise M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt scrub to be best for the purpose. You can use it on all body parts including the bikini line.

Clean your epilator

Cleaning your epilator is necessary after every use for best hygiene.

Use pain killer

Little pain is something very normal with epilating. Some have it after doing so, whereas, others have it even during the process. What the case is, it is best to take a painkiller before ahead if you are worried or after epilation.


Its not necessary to consider yourself bounded within the prescribed procedure by the manufacturer and dare not to go a pinch beyond. Feel free to experiment and use epilator in any sensible direction. Start slowly and try experimenting the procedure in different positions and decide for the one that is most comfortable to you, no matter if that is not written of what is suggested by the manufacturer.

Can it be used in water?

If you are suspecting to use it in shower or not, you need to hold on. For your best knowledge, all epilators cannot be used in a shower. However, one can use only wet and dry epilators in shower.

Moreover, I generally advise newbies to go with the wet and dry epilators and use them while taking a warm bath. Because during shower, our pores get open and hair are easily plucked out, making the process pain-free but slow also

Using epilator for the first time?

Things usually go synchronized for experienced users. But for newbies, it can not be guaranteed. SO, be prepared!

Its recommended not to take out the shiny sleek equipment from the box and start playing over your skin especially on for hair removal from face, as the results can be painful. I generally advise first time users to be calm with the process and do not start right away. Make sure to first read the instructions given by the manufacturer to become aware of your epilator features to handle it appropriately. Regarding the usage, I mean, a part of on/off switch, you must know exactly what kind of head to use on what body part, etc.

Does it have any speed setting?

Generally, not all the epilators have customized speed setting. However, for the ones that has the feature, it is best to begin with the slowest speed and turn it higher according to your comfort zone. Otherwise, starting with a high speed on sensitive body parts may lead to painful hair removal and you may get skin cuts or rashes as well.

Did it come with any accessories?

As far as accessories are concerned, not all epilators come with them. However, the ones that comes, usually has starter heads / gentle cap, bikini comb, and pre-epilating wipes, etc.

The only purpose of additional starter heads is to make the process easier for early users. Like the Braun silk-epl comes with a starter head that is to reduce the number of tweezers in the first go so that not all the hairs are plucked at once which can hurt.

For the ones that comes with pre-epilating wipes and icepacks, they are to be used before the process.

Moreover from epilating, here is another bunch of tips below that you must mark on your checklist. Have a look!

  • Always opt for a comfortable position first.
  • Always wax your long hair and wait for the shorter ones to grow for best plucking.
  • Always start with a smaller area that is not exposed to others, i.e., thighs or upper arms and wait for couple hours at least to check for unnecessary bumps and rashes.

Epilator is and will remain to be one of the best form of hair removal for the ladies of all ages. However, it is necessary to use it appropriately and pre-read the instructions and tips for optimum and pain free results.


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