Why is my Hair Poofy After I Straighten it – Learn To Reduce Frizz

With the invent of hair straighteners, it seems every girl and women prefer to have straight hair. Hair straighteners feels like a blessing especially for the females who are born with curly or not so straight hair. And they do love it for all the right reasons as, they are pretty simple to use. Just plug in, set the temperature, apply some heat protector on hair and you are good to go.straighten poofy hair

But wait! May be not everything is as good as it seems. There are plenty of women around the globe who have complaints. Women say that their hair look poofy even after they straighten them up. And they have all the rights to be jealous of those woman who come up with super silky straight hairs after ironing. Its common to see forums fill up with complains why is there a frizz in hair after straightening.

As they say there is a solution available for almost everything. Of course, there must be a reason if you are not coming up with your desired hairs and we are going to explore the reasons below. Find out if this is the reason why your hairs looks poofy or have frizzy ends and learn to make them straight perfectly.

Why Is Your Hair Poofy and How To Reduce it?

In short, your hair are poofy because they are not properly nourished and there structure is damaged. Ironing them improperly without use of ionic technology and moisture, especially hair styling at higher temperatures may make them frizzy further. Which can be reduced by following tips:

1. What type of Flat Iron you are using?

Not all the flat irons are good for your hairs even if they are the top one. If your hair comes out puffy after you straighten them up then maybe there is a problem with your iron type after all. Not every flat iron will give you super straight silky hairs. Some will make your hair look flat, some will make your hair look shabby, dry, and dull.

It is very important to choose the right iron to straight your hairs. We know of an iron which is a perfect fix. If you want the perfect silky straight hairs for an upcoming event that it’s time you change your iron to ionic Flat iron. Ionic flat irons do have plates of especial ceramic that emits negative ions that counteract with positive ions and make hair straight by keeping hair moisture with in. They are also considered to be best pick for straightening of damaged or puffy hairs.

2. Do you check hair straightener temperature?

There are women out there who starts straightening up their hairs without checking the temperature of the straightener. Checking the temperature of a straightener is a prerequisite and its wrong if you don’t consider this as an option. Do not simply plug the straightener and start straightening hair. Rather, start by setting temperature on lowest and make it high according to your hair type. Higher temperature has the potential to make your hair dry, shabby, puffy, or burned by evaporating all the moisture with in hair. This is wrong practice.

The perfect temperature which can give a woman super silky straight hair is 320 to 380. For thick, coarse, or curly hair you might need to set temperature in between 400-450 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Do you use conditioner?

If you are that kind of woman who want silky straight hair on an event then it’s time you start using conditioner with your shampoo. You have to realise that shampoo is not enough, as Shampoos have the kind of ingredients in them which makes your hair look Poofy or rough on a regular day. To make sure that you get the silky straight result after straightening up your hairs it is very important that you use a conditioner. Don’t use a conditioner which everyone else is using. Use a conditioner that claims to manage your hair type in a better way.

If you have an event tomorrow make sure you wash your hairs with conditioner the night before. Using a perfect conditioner would give you perfect silky straight hairs after you straighten them up.

4. Titanium straighteners for Coarse hair

Not every woman is born with a perfect blend of fine hair. Some women are born with thick coarse hairs. The dilemma with thick coarse hair is even after you straight them up they might still look frizzy.

Aside from using flat iron with wide plates and on appropriate temperature, it is also important to make sure that your coarse hairs don’t look poofy after you straight them up is by using titanium straighteners. Titanium flat iron are light in weight, uses negative ions to generate heat, and have built in resistance against heat and unfavorable voltage.

5. Make sure you apply moisture

Make sure to use hair masks or apply moisture on hair before straightening them. Properly moist hair reduces chances of getting dry, burn or puffy because of heat. Though, there are plenty of moisturizers available in market especially designed to use before hair straightening to avoid hair frizziness. As a prevention, you may also use heat protector or apply oil as a barrier to minimize direct effect of heat on hair.

6. Make You Hair Comb Properly

Don’t just go straight to ironing your hair. After you make sure that you have washed hairs perfectly, apply moisturizer or heat protector, and then comb them well. Then by adjusting proper temperature, start straightening your hairs. Combing will make sure flat iron glides smoothly and leaving silky, smooth, straight hairs.

There are the perfect fixes that will help you to minimize frizziness when you do hair straightening.


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