Babyliss is known for designing hair tools equipped with latest technologies to style hair easily with professional looking and saloon quality results. Either it is hair dryer, straightener, clipper, trimmer, or any other hair styling tool. Similarly, Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 and Optima 3100 flat iron both have characteristics of hair straightening and curling, also equipped with nano technology and elegant design but with some difference in technical specifications.

BabyLiss prima 3000 vs optima 3100 The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 3000 1-1/4″ and Prima/optima 3100 Ionic Straightener are designed with the most advance features like, use of warp-resistant titanium plates for high heat, plates are arranged in such way to ensure the total control on temperature and allow person to style up their hair with smoothy. These straighteners transfer heat efficiently with shines, smoothness and give consistent styling looks easily.

Difference between Babyliss Prima 3100 vs Prima/optima 3000

If you look at both Babyliss pro 3000 and 3100 irons, apparently they will look exactly the same, but there are some differences between them for example the cord length of Prima 3000 is 2 meter and optima 3100 is 3 meter, there are some other minute differences as well, which makes each one unique.

Babyliss Prima 3000 Babyliss Prima 3100
It has Nano titanium plates 1-¼ inches. It has Nano Titanium plates 1 inch.
Greater in the concentration of ions, gives more shiny, smooth, and beautiful results. High ion concentration.
Works perfectly on all type of hair of any length. Ideal for normal fine hair of upto medium length.
The wave of thermal science helps straightener to maintain constant temperature. Full-wave thermal science helps high heat to maintain a suitable temperature.
It has developed with stainless steel, which allows alignment to keep distance between heat plates all the time. It has manufactured stainless steel housing, lightweight, corrosion, which gives smoothness.
It has dual functions; it can straighten and curl with more effectiveness and easily. It has dual functions, it can do straight and curl but do more effectively straighten then curl, could curl easily.
Made up of Dual-Ceramic heat, takes only 40seconds to heat-up, and the power of heat goes up to 240C/ 465F. Made up with Dual-Ceramic heat HiDensity, it can heat up with more than 20% faster then normal straighter, the temperature can go up to 240C/ 465F.
Silicone is excellent in heat resistance and is used in the key heat-sensitive area. Silicone is high heat resistant and is used in the key heat-sensitive area.
The weight of the straightener is 1 pound, and length 6 inches and plates are 1-¼ inch width. Weight is 1 pound, and length 7 inches and plates are 1 inch width.
Aircraft-grade titanium plates are arranged in a decent way, so when heat transfer to hair, it makes hair smooth and shiny. Aircraft-grade titanium plates are aligned in that way, when a person does straight or curl their hair, it gives silkiness, smoothness, and shine texture to hairs.
Babyliss 3000 Price On Amazon Babyliss 3100 Price On Amazon

Note: Prima 3100 and 3000 are almost exactly similar in features except slight difference in plate size. Prima 3100 has 1 inch plate and Pirma 3000 has 1.25 inch plate. Apart from that the only difference is in name of Prima/Optima. Which is because of regional and language difference. For English speaking customers it is called Prima and for Spanish and some non English languages it is called Optima. Even the prices are same. Means if you got long thick hair and prefer to save time then go with Prima 3000 because of its wide plates else, especially for people with fine thin or normal size hair 1 inch plate is usually enough to consider.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 Review

BabyLiss optima 3000It has been designed ultra-lightweight, easy to use, has Nano titanium plates 1-¼ inches. It has crafted with an unpredicted design and feature; nano titanium plates transfer the heat on hair in a smooth way, which makes hair silky, shine, and smooth. It has dual functions; it can straighten and curl with more effectiveness and easily. Temperature can be adjusted up to 465F, according to hair texture.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima / Optima 3100 Review

BabyLiss prima 3100Crafted with cutting-edge design that makes ease of use and gives excellent performance. It has Nano Titanium plates 1 inch. No wrapping because of stainless steel housing, and it has joined with 8-point plates, which has perfect plate alignment and styling tension. Ion multiplier technology gives smoothness, shining, and silkiness to hairs. It has dual functions, it can do straight and curl but do more effectively straighten then curl, could curl easily.


Babyliss Prima 3000 1-¼ inches and Prima 3100 1 inch has been manufactured with most of the latest and unpredicted features and design; it has good width and length of plates. In these tools, they have used titanium plates that give hair smooth, shine, and creamy texture. It has a long and swivel cord, does not get tangled while using and makes it easy to use in the distance also, easier for salons and professionals. These straighteners are light weighted, easy to use, have a good length. The best thing about it is a person can straight or curl one’s hair from one tool. If a person uses a straightener or curler once in a week, it does not damage hair badly, to keep your styling should use spray or hair protectant. It even has customized gloves, which helps a person not to get a burn while using.


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